See the video of Irshad Bhatti which caused an attack at the Geo and Jang office

See the video of Irshad Bhatti which caused an attack at the Geo and Jang office

Geo and Jang Media Group Head Office Attacked by Protesters in Karachi

Geo and Jang Media Group’s head office was attacked on Sunday by protesters in Karachi.

The crowd broke the road gate installed at the building entrance and the main entrance to the building.

The staff inside the building was also attacked and loudly pushed.

According to Geo News Head of the Karachi Faheem Bureau Siddiqui, protesters attacked the building “under a complicated plot”.
He said a protest was announced before but “there were no law enforcement officers present” and there were no actions taken under the protesters when they attacked.

Protesters are angry through videos from Geo news programs on social media, edited versions that have become viral, said Siddiqui.

“What you see on social media is not how it says at the event,” he said, adding that Geo News has also broadcast clarification and apologies at the same show.

“What must be known is who the demonstrators are,” he added.

Anchor Irshad Bhatti from the television program “Khabarnaa” clarified that the show was one comedy and satire and “Sindh and Sindhis were part of his identity.”
“Ladies and Gentlemen against one or two sentences.

“I want to tell everyone this is a satire and comedy program, and the way of Punjab, KP, Balochistan, GB, Azad Kashmir dear to me, Sindh and Sindhis are part of my identity. My life is dedicated to Sindh and Sindhis,” he said.

Managing Director of Geo News Azhar Abbas, shared footage from the remaining damage after the attack, wrote: “Everyone has the right to peaceful protests. We will protect and support that right. But violence and take the law into their own hands, regardless of the cause , Cannot tolerance. Dialogue is the answer to all problems – not violence. ”

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