Saudi Arabia mein Tabligh khatam, Music concert shuru

Saudi Arabia mein Tabligh khatam, Music concert shuru

This week Saudi Arabia banned Tablighi Jamaat calling it one of the gates of problems. Tablighi Jamaat is a movement of missioners promoting the message of Islam, peace, and motivating many Muslims to visit Saudi Arabia and perform Hajj and Umrah.

Till now Saudi Arabia has been earning through allowing visas to pilgrims, now after directing the Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs Saudi government is looking for an alternative way of generating revenue.

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The Saudi government organized a Bollywood-themed concert with Salman Khan and other Bollywood stars. The concert was organized in Riyad this Friday and the so-called Islamic government has turned liberal.

Not just religious country was looking a Western country objectifying women on the concert stage, the religious flag of Saudi Arabia that has First Kalma of Islam written on it was publicly waved in the middle of objectifying women.

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