Sabeeka Imam Reacts To Sadaf Kanwal’s Statement

Sabeeka Imam Reacts To Sadaf Kanwal’s Statement

Leading Pakistani model Sabeeka Imam slammed Sadaf Kanwal over her recent statement.

Sharing a story on Instagram, Sabeeka Imam, subtly criticized Sadaf Kanwal while also schooling her.

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Sabeeka Imam wrote, “This is not just Sadaf’s fault. Bechari utna hi bole gi jitna usse pata hai. I think the host should not have asked Sadaf such a serious question. Hosts need to be responsible in what they ask so that such topics don’t become trivial.”

In another message on social media, the actress wrote, “100% one should love & care for their spouse! But to limit one’s rights & opportunities as a woman to just household chores is something only a priviledged woman would say. It is misleading, ignorant & painful for the women who are suffering in our society due to gender-based NaInsaafi.”

The actress wrote that there is nothing wrong with ironing clothes or picking up shoes, every person has his own way of loving and caring.

Model Sabeeka Imam gave a message to those who oppose feminism. “If you don’t like the word feminism, just understand that a woman should also be considered a human being.”

It may be recalled that Sadaf Kanwal along with her husband actor Shahroz Sabzwari had recently given an interview in a private TV program where she spoke about the rights of wives towards their husbands and said that a married woman has to iron her husband’s clothes and do other such various tasks for them for which the supermodel was severely criticized.

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