Russia Successfully Tests of New Rocket

Russia Successfully Tests of New Rocket

The most recent short video / vlog in the Full HD episode of “The Sun.” The subject of today’s video clips / vlog is “Arms Race B/W Super Powers – Russia Successfully Tests of New Rocket ‘Designed to Blast Space Missiles‘.” This is not the same as yesterday’s problem.

VLADIMIR Putin has staged a “successful” test of a new interceptor rocket that can “destroy US space missiles”.

A chilling video showed the launch of the anti-ballistic missile (ABM) defense system at the Sary Shagan test site in Kazakhstan.

The system is designed to protect against attacks from ballistic missiles which are usually fired into a high sub-orbital spaceflight before re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

Major General Sergei Grabchuk said the new rocket can travel at a speed of over three km per second – more than four times faster than a bullet from an AK47.

Speaking of the successful test, he added: “The ABM system’s new interceptor missile reliably proved its inherent characteristics while the combat teams successfully accomplished the task, striking a mock target with the required accuracy.”

And despite Putin partially pulling his troops away from the Ukrainian border last week – he continues to flex his military muscles.

More footage released by Moscow today showed “storm of steel” drills in the Saratov region where several new anti-tank missiles were deployed.

The 631st Saratov centre is paired with another in the Astrakhan region, which specialises in training for the Smerch, Tornado-S and Iskander missile systems, said the report.

Russian forces were shown using the Korsar (Corsair) military drones – equipped with optical and infra-red cameras and lasers for reconnaissance.

This comes as Russia, China and the US are developing war machines that can destroy spacecraft such as satellites – outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

Last year, US Space Command (USSC) said it had “evidence that Russia conducted a non-destructive test of a space-based anti-satellite weapon”.

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