Royals Suspend talks with Harry, Meghan over Rising Fear of Press Leak

Royals Suspend talks with Harry

The royal family has called off negotiations with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, citing fears that they would leak the information to the public.

As previously reported, Harry and Meghan are no longer speaking with senior royals despite being accused of feeding stories to the US news, indicating that significant progress has been made in repairing their split.

According to The Sun, royal aides are worried that Harry and Meghan will reveal any gains reached with the royal family, which has put any kind of conversation on hold.

The talks were halted after a flood of false reports alleging knowledge of private royal conversations spread across the Atlantic.

A article, in particular, alleging Meghan and Archie spoke with the Queen on the phone, ruffled feathers.

According to the Sun, there is no
After Prince Philip’s funeral, the couple and senior royals have had “meaningful talks.”

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Harry’s prime reason for visiting the UK was to honour the Duke of Edinburgh and not to hold any talks.

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