Does Romaisa Khan Have a Leaked Viral Video

Does Romaisa Khan Have a Leaked Viral Video

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Recently, another Pakistani TikToker has become the talk of the town due to a leaked explicit video. TikTok star Romaisa Khan landed in the midst of a controversy after an indecent video of her surfaced.

Initially, when the video started making rounds on the internet, people had doubts about its authenticity. Many netizens stated that the girl in the video is TikTok star Malika Cheema. However, most social media users alleged that the video is of TikToker Romaisa Khan.

Romaisa Khan took to her own social media profile to clarify the allegations and issue a statement in response to people defending her. The TikTok star asserted:

Neither Malika nor I am the girl seen in the video.

Sources state that the TikTok star might seek legal action to ascertain who leaked the videos, associated her name with it, and have the explicit video removed. However, as Romaisa Khan has not made an official statement about it yet, there is no certainty in the matter.

It should be noted that the 20-year-old TikToker has 1.1 million followers on Instagram and 3.5 million followers on TikTok. Her success is not only limited to social media, as she also made her television debut with a rom-com drama series ‘Masters‘.

In similar news, an explicit video of Pakistani TikToker Nadeem Mubarak also did the rounds on the internet. It is pertinent to mention that before this, many other Pakistani TikTokers, including Jannat Mirza, have also fallen victim to controversies following privacy breaches.

Does Romaisa Khan Have a Leaked Viral Video

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