Rhea and Her Family was Blackmailing Sushant For a Long Time

Rhea and Her Family was Blackmailing Sushant For a Long Time

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Rhea and Her Family Forced Sushant For More Money ? Sushant Singh Rajput’s father K K Singh, has recently filed an FIR against his late son’s girlfriend, Rhea Chakraborty. The FIR is filed against Rhea at Patna Police Station under multiple sections including the exploitation of finance, threatening, and many more. Late actor Sushant’s father has filed a complaint of around six pages which has many points regarding Sushant’s mysterious demise. K K Singh has made allegations against Rhea Chakraborty for multiple reasons and one of the main reasons is the extortion of money. According to K K Singh’s complaint, Rhea Chakraborty extorted a huge amount of money through years from his son Sushant. If current reports are to be believed, then Rhea was leading her life completely on Sushant’s money. Rhea always used the credit cards and debit cards of Sushant. She bought luxurious items for herself with Sushant’s money. Even last year she made a trip to Europe. According to recent reports, the trip was sponsored by Sushant. And, now, the current reports suggest that more than 15 crores rupees were withdrawn from Sushant’s account. That hefty amount of money was transferred to accounts that have no links with Sushant at all. Which is why Rhea Chakraborty might land in big trouble for money laundering case from Sushant. Even before claims raised that Rhea Chakraborty was doing money laundering by being the director of Sushant’s companies. According to the FIR, Rhea Chakraborty even threatened Sushant to expose his mental health to media if he did not give her money. The Jalebi actress even forced the late actor to change his phone number frequently, so that his family members could not contact him easily. The FIR also claims that Rhea Chakraborty had major fights with Sushant’s sister, who lives in Mumbai too. Late actor Sushant even told his father one day over the phone that Rhea Chakraborty and her family were driving him crazy. Rhea even fired the trusted bodyguard of Sushant Singh Rajput just before the nationwide lockdown started. As per reports, the actress even replaced all the domestic staff who were trusted to Sushant, with people, she knows well. According to the FIR, Rhea gave wrong medicines to Sushant and Ushant was afraid of going to asylum. The actress did not let others, meet with Sushant, and told others that the actor was suffering from Dengue. Sushant’s father said that due to his health condition he will not be able to travel Mumbai so he filed the case in Patna.

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