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What Is The Reason Behind Ksaur Incidents? A Report Worth Reading

What Is The Reason Behind Ksaur Incidents? A Report Worth Reading
What Is The Reason Behind Ksaur Incidents? A Report Worth Reading

Given the rise in rap cases from children in Kasur district of Punjab, the question arises: Is pedophilia growing there?

Psychologists think research needs to be done to find out if some of the people here are really suffering from pedophilia or are there other reasons for raping children and killing them?
On September 17, the body of a child was found at Chuni Tehsil in Kasur while the remains of two were found in sand dunes. These children went missing during the last two and a half months.

According to post-mortem reports, he was killed after the rap. This is not the first incident of the crime, but in January 2018 the same thing happened with Zainab, a girl from Kasur.
Investigations revealed that Zainab’s culprit Imran Ali had killed Zainab but many more girls like him after the rap.

Zulfiqar Hameed, DIG of Punjab Police, told the Independent Urdu that Zainab’s killer Imran himself had also been raped in childhood and when his mental condition was examined, various mental disorders were revealed.
Back in the Zainab case, there were also hundreds of cases of children filming during rap in 2015.
According to a report from the coastal agency of rap victims for the past six months, only 11 children and 29 girls were raped in Kasur city, including rap. The total number of rap children and girls is between 24 and six to 15 years.
Siddara Humayun, a senior senior program officer at the beach, told Independent Urdu that according to her own research, there have been some similarities between rape babies for a while, such as those between the ages of 13 and 25, and they watch the entire video. And choose young children to put their imaginative desires into action.
Similarly, these people also enjoy torturing and harassing children.
Sadra says the similarities were seen in the children she killed after the rap or the victims.

Are all pedophiles guilty of sexually abusing children and then killing them?
Whenever a newspaper (especially an English newspaper) reports a rap with a child or a baby, it is usually used as a pedophile, that is, a person who only has sex with children and kills them. Can
Sadra Humayun says there may be two reasons for murder after rap. One, those who like violence sexually to satisfy their sexuality and they feel powerful. Second, they are afraid of being caught after the incident.

Because often the infected child has a close relative or acquaintance.

Is pedophilia a condition or mental illness?
The dictionary has the meaning of pedophilia: a mental illness in which adults have a tendency to commit sexual acts with children. There are two parts to this word: Pedo means baby and Felia means trend or allure.
Dr. Shafqat, a psychiatrist, told The Independent Urdu: Pedophilia shows that humans feel sexual attraction toward children, while the authoritative diagnostic and statistical manual of mental health disorders (DSM) is diagnosed with mental disorders. S] describes pedophilia as a sexually transmitted disease.
The patient may have a variety of mental and psychiatric illnesses such as depression, anxiety and personality disorder, along with pedophilia.
Such patients are at least 16 years old and have sexual thoughts about children at least five years older than themselves. Dr. Shafqat says that the causes of pedophilia have not been revealed yet, but according to the research done, some parts of the patient’s brain do not work properly. ‘Their IQ is low, there is a problem with memory, they have to study
Are all pedophiles having sex with children?

Another psychiatrist, Dr Saad Bashir, says that pedophilia has never been researched in Pakistan, but much work has been done in the West, in which pedophilia is a mental disorder.

There is a psychological disorder in which children are sexually aroused and out of control.
‘It is congenital. As for homosexuality, some people are inclined to have sex with children. ”He said it was a disorder in the brain, some structural changes.
Or hereditary, nothing can be finalized about it, though it is an incurable disease.
If a patient with pedophilia also has seadism, then he or she has a tendency to have sexual intercourse, even killing the infected child.
Pedophilics use mostly knowing children for their sexual needs. It is a mental disorder in which you can treat such people as oppressed or mentally ill, or treat them as guilty or guilty.
Dr. Saad says that besides, there are two types of people having sex with children – one who is young, his personality is incomplete, he is not mixed with people and is left alone. Others are older people who have no life and suffer from isolation.
According to him, such people are unable to walk with their peers so they form relationships with children.

What is the City of Guilty Pedo Files?

Dr. Saad says that it is not possible that rap cases with children are coming out in Kasur then all are mentally ill.
“Right now, there needs to be research and a survey done. It cannot be underestimated that the people who make pornographic films of children and make millions, millions of rupees, are not using the children here?
According to Dr Saad, access to porn movies in Pakistan is possible with a button, then people who are working in other cities or areas far away from their wives meet their sexual needs with people who cannot react or Can’t protect themselves and often have children.
In addition, Dr. Saad says that our peers and friends are under a lot of pressure and we do a lot of things just because our friends or those around us are doing things like drinking alcohol or sexual behavior.
As regards the events that took place in Kasur, Dr Saad said that if Zainab mentioned the case, he had closely researched the culprit Imran, who was suffering from various mental disorders.
According to Dr. Saad there may be many causes of pedophilic behavior, such as pedophilia itself, which is a disease, or those who suffer from loneliness who have no other choice, then young people with imbalances in their personality. There is a whole range in which pedophilic behavior is found.
‘Such people should have their brains examined so that they can find out what mental or psychological problem they have and why? But unfortunately that does not happen in Pakistan.

Should a law based on pedophilia or mental illness make such people worse?
Dr. Saad says in Western countries, the punishment for such people is longer and tougher than ordinary criminals because the court sends them to mental illness hospitals where they spend their entire lives and uses drugs that suppress their sexual desires. Are.
‘These people cannot go out and spend their entire lives in hospitals. Until we get to the root of these problems, these events will continue to happen. We have to figure out a whole mechanism for that.

What does the law say about mental illness in Pakistan?
Expert Law Zain Ali told The Independent Urdu that when a suspect suspects that the crime was caused by a psychological or mental illness, a medical board is made.
‘If the board doctor confirms the mental problem or illness in the accused, he is acquitted by the court, even if he did not commit the murder. He is advised to go to a mental illness hospital, but whether or not to act on it is up to the accused and his close relatives. This is why many criminals are saved from punishment by dealing with mental problems. ”

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