Real Reason Behind Sushant Singh Rajput Death

Real Reason Behind Sushant Singh Rajput Death

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After seen this video/clip Please share your comment here about the latest fresh video/clip watching on YouTube daily motion video. Now what’s your comments/opinion about today’s Latest Topic/agenda of this program ” Real Reason Behind Sushant Singh Rajput Death”.Did Sushant Singh Rajput Really Took His Life. It is a very shocking and heart breaking day for Bollywood as Indian cinema has lost one of its finest actors, Sushant Singh Rajput. The extremely talented actor, Sushant Singh Rajput is no more with us and the whole film industry is mourning his untimely demise. When the actor was not responding for a long time from his room, his friends and domestic help broke into the room.What they found inside, shocked them as beloved actor Sushant’s lifeless body was hanging from the ceiling fan of his room.Immediately, the domestic help informed the police and soon a team of Bandra police reached Sushant’s Bandra apartment. According to reports, everybody thought that the actor took his own life by hanging himself. During their initial investigation, police found anti depressant pills at Sushant’s house prescribed to him. Which is why the Bandra police is currently thinking that actor took his own life due to suffering from depression. But recently, a shocking news has come forward regarding the passing away of Sushant Singh Rajput. This news has left every one in a great shock and is creating a lot of buzz in the B town. According to the recent reports of the The Hans India, the domestic help of Sushant Singh Rajput is indicating to a case murder. The recently gained statement by the Bandra police from the maid of the actor has created a twist. Now the Bandra police is considering that what apparently looked like a case of suicide, might be a conspired murder. According to the reports, the friends of the actor has revealed that the actor was suffering from depression from the past 6 months. And police initially thought that his depression led him to take the extreme step. But the statement given by the maid has opened a new angle to the case of untimely demise of Sushant Singh Rajput. According to the maid, upon knocking on his door this morning when she got no response, she informed the neighbours. As the neighbours and his friends came, they called the police found that Sushant Singh Rajput was no more. According to her statement, four people who are two cooks, Sushant’s friend and the actor himself were present. So, the police registered it as the case of an unnatural death and collected samples for investigation. The police have not found any suicide note also which is also indicating towards a twist in this case. The presence of Sushant’s friend at his house the day before his death is making police think from another angle. Also, according to reports, Sushant’s cousin is also suspicious about brother’s death. He talked with his family on the morning of 14th June and they revealed that they did not feel any sign of sadness in him. Let us see what does the post mortem report of the actor reveal as the cause of death. He was too young to give up on his life. May Sushant’s soul rest in peace.


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