“Real Culprit Is Abid Not Waqar ul Hassan” – Says Family of Accused Waqar ul Hassan

"Real Culprit Is Abid Not Waqar ul Hassan" - Says Family of Accused Waqar ul Hassan

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Saas Ami Statement Of Culprit Waqar Ul Hasan Shah And Abid Ali Malhi | Motorway Gang Rape Case
Latest updates of Lahore Motorway Rape Case | After the video statement of mother and neighbors of culprit waqar ul hassan shah and abid ali malhi, now a new statement in the favour of these culprits from mother in law (saas ama) had came to social media in which mother in law of waqr ul hasan shah and neighbors of culprit told that waqar is not rapist, he had a small business or job of installment and bikes. He cant do rape of any woman. few days ago, a brutal incident was happend on Lahore Sialkot Motorway near Gujjarpura Interchange in which a married woman was get raped by some unknown persons. after police investigation, two boys named as Waqar Ul Hasan Shah from Sheikhupura and Abid Ali malhi from Bahawalnagar Pakistan were involved.
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