Raj Kundra leaked Poonam Pandey personal Video on Social Media

Raj Kundra posted a private video of Poonam Pandey on social media.

Shilpa Shetty’s businessman husband Raj Kundra was detained on Monday by the Crime Branch of the Mumbai Police in connection with a p*ornographic case, which can only be described as shocking. A shocking WhatsApp conversation now reveals how much money the businessman made from producing and distributing p*ornographic movies.

According to reports, among the 11 people detained by the Mumbai Police’s Crime Branch, Shilpa’s husband is the main conspirator. Raj Kundra, according to Mumbai Police Commissioner Hemant Nagrale, allegedly enticed women to appear in p*ornographic films by promising them parts in web series.

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In a press release, Nagrale said, “There was a case registered with Crime Branch Mumbai about the creation of p*rnographic films and publishing them through some Apps in Feb 2021,” according to Zee News. Raj Kundra was taken into custody on July 19, 21, because he seems to be the main conspirator in this case. In this case, the evidence is strong enough. Please wait while the investigation is conducted.

According to the report, which cites sources from the Mumbai Crime Branch, Raj Kundra is a relative of Pradeep Bakshi who lives in the UK. In addition, he is the owner of Kenrin Production House. In addition, Bakshi works with Kundra on business matters. Now that WhatsApp conversations between Bakshi and Kundra have been made public, it is clear how much money was made from p*ornographic content. It is a WhatsApp group chat, and it lists the names of the other participants.

Raj Kundra allegedly blackmailed Poonam Pandey and posted her phone number online.

Raj Kundra allegedly defrauded Poonam Pandey and posted her phone number online. With Raj’s Armsprime Media, the model actress had a contract that she later ended.

Raj Kundra was accused of using Poonam Pandey’s content without her permission in a case that was brought against him in 2019 at the Bombay High Court. Her legal dispute with the businessman has continued since that time. Working with him, according to the actress-model, was the biggest mistake she has ever made. In addition to extorting her, she claimed that he posted her phone number online and blackmailed her. Raj was detained by police on July 19 in connection with a pornographic racket and held there until July 23.

Working with Raj Kumar, according to Poonam, was the biggest mistake she has ever made.

According to Poonam Pandey in a recent interview with The Times of India, Raj Kundra “himself” stated that he supports legal action. Poonam had accused Raj and his friends of defrauding her, stealing from her, and disclosing her phone numbers. Raj was detained because of his involvement in a pornographic video ring. When I signed an MOU with them, which lasted for a month, it quickly became apparent that they were lying and acting in a very unprofessional manner, she said in an interview with the daily.

I gave immediate effect to my contract’s termination. The biggest error of my life was joining forces with these people on a professional level. They commit fraud. My entire life was made public. I experienced additional trauma. I cursed myself for giving their team my passwords and login information. When we contacted Raj’s team, they informed us that we wouldn’t get paid until I signed a contract and resumed working with them. I firmly declined. Knowing that these individuals broke into my accounts and private information, how could I possibly do it? Who do they think they are, Yeh log samajhte kya hain khud ko?

Poonam had posted a video on social media discussing her case against Raj Kundra after his arrest.

RAJ KUNDRA approached POONAM PANDEY for adult-oriented app hotshots.
Raj Kundra contacted Poonam Pandey about another app, HotShots, she added. He failed to persuade me because he was aware that I didn’t rely solely on his app for work, she continued. In actuality, I wished to sever all ties to Armsprime. I demanded that they remove the online app they had made in my name.

Soon after, Raj Kundra personally asked me to participate in another app called HotShots. It was pure and simple blackmail. It was as if you had to do this or face the repercussions. My personal mobile numbers were published online on the aforementioned app due to my refusal.

Raj Kundra had claimed that he was no longer involved in the project and was unaware of the petition following Poonam Pandey’s case against him. The actress later asserted that although Raj left the business to launch HotShots, “the theft” of her data would have happened while he was still actively involved.

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My private video was leaked by Raj Kundra. SHOCKING revelations about Raj Kundra are made by Poonam Pandey.
मेरा निजी वीडियो राज कुंद्रा ने लीक किया था। राज कुंद्रा के बारे में चौंकाने वाले खुलासे पूनम पांडे ने किए हैं।

A video of Poonam Pandey and Raj Kundra’s final kiss was leaked online.

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