Punjab Police Brutally Trolled After They Joined The ‘Pawri’

Punjab Police Brutally Trolled After They Joined The ‘Pawri’

Instagram Influencer Daneereer Mobeen became the sensation of social media last night after video #Pawrihoraihai became viral throughout the world.

The girl in the video said it was me, it was my car and, they were my friends and they were having a party. The girl’s talking style, accent and fake English tone in such a way that the video is funny for users while it becomes viral in a few hours.

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Many people have created back with their friends by copying videos and adopting accents like him.

Video popularity achieved cross-borders before when the popular Indian music manufacturer and Yashraj Mukhate content maker mixed the touch of the music for it. The music video became a big hit.

Now Punjab police have used a smart way to imitate the ‘Pawri’ trend but don’t really turn on the way they might want.

The text shared by the Punjab police is, “Yeh Hum Hain, Yeh Humari Gaariiyian Hain Aur Yeh Humara Hai Emergency Number.”

However, the efforts of the Punjab police turned out to be the reason for extreme criticism and trolling when people were quickly donated instead of appreciating. Pakistani netizens began criticizing the actual performance of the police.

Netizens said that Punjab police were not made for Pawri trends but instead they were suitable for trends about bribery.

People brutally drive institutions and even give examples of their inefficiency.

Look at public reactions:

Previously, Indian police Uttar Pradesh had used the Pawri Viral social media advertising technique and urged people to report all types of sound pollution including neighboring late night party scenes.

They wrote on social media accounts “YE HUM Humari Aur Humari Car Hai to late at night Pawri Aapko disturb Kar Rahi Hai toh ye Humara number Hai 112.”

Which is literally translated, “This is the US and our car if the party late at night disturbing you, this is our 112 number.”

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