PTI Senior Vice President Haleem Adil Sheikh resigns.

PTI Senior Vice President Haleem Adil Sheikh resigns.

Haleem Adil Shaikh, the Leader of Opposition in the Sindh Assembly, has resigned as Senior Vice President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh.

Haleem Adil announced his resignation in a letter to the PTI Secretary-General Central Secretariat, stating that he is the Leader of Opposition in Sindh and a party worker. “My movement and mobilisation all across Sindh keeps me highly occupied, which is unfair for the job,” he added.

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Shaikh stated that he had resigned from his position as PTI Senior Vice President Sindh. A copy of his resignation has been given to PTI Sindh President Ali Zaidi. Meanwhile, Ali Junejo resigned as Vice President of the PTI Sindh when the list of newly selected office bearers was released.

According to a statement, Allah Bux Unar, Shakoor Shad, Tahir Shah, and Haleem Adil Sheikh have been named Senior Vice President. Vice Presidents include Ali Junejo, Lal Malhi, Agha Arsalan, Raja Azhar, Gul M. Rind, and Sidra Imran.

Ali Palh has been appointed as Additional Secretary General; Raja Khan Jakhrani, Zulfiqar Shah, and Advocate Lakpat Bheel as Deputy Secretary General; Arsalan Taj Ghuman as Information Secretary; Shozeb Kapadia as Finance Secretary; and Arsalan Mirza as Additional Finance Secretary.

Sindh’s office bearers have also been named by the PTI. Dr. Ghulam Ali Abbas (Pappu Shah) has been named President of the Sukkur Division, while Shakir Shah has been appointed Secretary General.

Ghali Khan Domki has been named President of the Larkana Division, while Agha Shams has been named Secretary General. Syed Mumtaz Shah has been elected President of Mirpurkhas, while Akbar Palli has been chosen Secretary General.

In the Hyderabad Division, Khawan Bux Junejo has been named President, and Wing Cdr (retd) Q Mohammad Hakim has been appointed Secretary General, while in the Nawabshah Division, Inayat Rind and Aman Qazi have been chosen President and Secretary General, respectively.

PTI Senior Vice President Haleem Adil Sheikh resigns.

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