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Maleeka Bokhari Bio, Age

A Pakistani politician by the name of Maleeka Bokhari. 35-year-old Maleeka Bokhari was born in 1988.

Education by Maleeka Bokhari

Maleeka Bokhari, a politician, has a law degree. She has many years of experience as a lawyer.

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Families Maleeka Bokhari

Maleeka Bokhari resides in Islamabad with her family. She has a younger sister. Her parents have always been very encouraging and supportive of her.

Maleeka Bokhari’s husband and son

Maleeka Bokhari is a married woman. She has a son, which is a blessing.

Maleeka Bokhari's husband and son

PTI Maleeka Bokhari Physical Appearances

PTI Maleeka Bokhari is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 58 kilograms. Both Maleeka Bokhari’s hair and eyes are black.

A career in Politics for Maleeka Bokhari

Maleeka Bokhari began her professional life as a lawyer. She spent more than ten years working in Pakistan and the UK. She is also an advocate for human rights.

She joined PTI in 2018 and was elected to a reserved seat. She was appointed as the department’s secretary in 2018. After Imran Khan was dismissed as Pakistan’s prime minister in April 2022, she was fired.

The Maleeka Bokhari Viral Video Scandal

On social media, a purported Maleeka Bokhari video gained a lot of traction. She asserted that the video was altered and fake. Maleeka’s fearless criticism of them on TV shows led PTI to attribute the incident to the PML-N.

Maleeka Bokhari Video: In this article, we’ll talk about a popular social media video that’s stirring up a lot of controversy online. So, if you weren’t aware, Maleeka Bokhari is the subject of this recently popular video because she has recently emerged and is spreading quickly online.

Full Video of Maleeka Bokhari

On September 7, she was also selected by Prime Minister Imran Khan to serve as the parliamentary secretary for law and justice in addition to those other roles. How come she received praise for her efforts and devotion, as well as a great deal of love and support from her followers, and now she is a part of LimeLight as a result of this trending social media video?

Maleeka Bokhari Explained in Video

The public has been paying her a lot of attention as a result of this video. The public will be able to view a woman’s intimate videos and photos in a forthcoming video, claim the sources. Although this is all the false and unfavorable information that has been spreading, many websites also claim that the woman in the video looks like her.

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