Priya Gamre and Aliya Naaz push all boundaries

web series featuring Priya Gamre and Alia Naaz pushes all boundaries.

Web series Khalish Part 1 on ULLU: Without knowing a person’s story, we are quick to judge them. More often than not, circumstances—not people—are what make people bitter. However, not everyone is able to identify the source of their resentment and assist them in overcoming the challenges. The trailer for the upcoming series Khalish Part 1 from streaming juggernaut ULLU was released on Saturday, and it has the power to arouse all human emotions.

Web series Khalish Part 1 on the ULLU plot

The protagonist of Khalish is a woman whose parents forced her into an early marriage. She is alone with her son now that her husband has passed away. Her son is the happiest he has ever been as she soon welcomes her bahu home. As time goes on, the saas develops a bitter attitude towards the bahu and starts to analyze every action and choice she makes. Despite her best efforts, the bahu is unable to win over her saas and cannot determine the cause of her cold behavior. She discovers she is in love with a man in her neighborhood after one day of following her saas.

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She admits this to her saas and describes how her young marriage and subsequent loneliness after her husband’s death may have negatively impacted her life in a number of ways.

After some initial hesitation, the saas confides in her young bahu and tells her about her racy dreams about a young man in their neighborhood. The bahu promises her that she will make that man fall in love with her in an effort to win her over because she wants the best for her saas.

The saas can finally realize her dreams with a little assistance from her bahu. Watch the trailer for the first episode of the web series Khalish below:

Part 1 of More About Khalish

Aliya Naaz and Priya Gamre play the lead roles in Khalish. Starting on May 26, ULLU will stream it. “Dil se yaad Kiya hai usse dekho,” the series’ creators captioned the series’ trailer on social media. Usse bas deko humra hee nasa hai. Aayegi humre pass wo kaba The phrase “Na jaane kab pyaar mehraba humra hoga dekho”

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