Princess Anne warned Prince Harry against Meghan

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Princess Anne warned Prince Harry against Meghan

Princess Anne has been vocal in her disapproval of Meghan Markle, advising Prince Harry not to marry her.
Meghan did not fit in with the royal family, according to the Queen’s only daughter.
“Princess Anne was the advocate in terms of ‘don’t marry that girl, she is unfit,” Lady Colin Campbell stated.

“‘She is wrong for us, she is wrong for the country, she is wrong for the job’. Well, it’s turned out to be true,” she added.

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Lady Campbell also alleged that Anne thought Meghan was “flagrantly attention-seeking.”

She said, “It just absolutely turned Princess Anne off because she couldn’t stand Meghan’s constant ‘uh, uh, me, me me, me’.”

Earlier reports also revealed it was Anne who raised concerns over how dark Archie’s skin colour might be, as alleged by Meghan and Harry in Oprah chat.

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