Prince Harry unhappy to be ‘hooked’ with ‘political activist’ Meghan Markle

Prince Harry has recently been dubbed as quite unhappy over the past few months, ever since he took an exit from his family and moved to the United States.

According to royal biographer Hugo Vickers, the Duke of Sussex is quite unhappy being “stuck with a political activist” as he took a brutal dig at Meghan.

In an interview with Daily Express, Vickers said that the prince had been enchanted by Meghan who used the marriage to reach for the highest level of stardom.

“If you unwind it all you see an ambitious young woman who was a minor star, an actress who could dazzle him [Harry], and that’s exactly what she did,” he said.

“He, no doubt, thought he had found himself a very exotic and glamorous wife out of the norm. Actresses can be very beguiling. Unfortunately, he finds himself now living in California, away from his family, friends, his work, and the Army, and all the things he had known,” he further said.

“He looks incredibly unhappy and has been hooked by a political activist as far as I can see,” he added.

“When Meghan said, ‘they are getting at me’, as a small boy he felt people were getting at his mother and he was too young to protect her.”

“So when this girl says she needed protection he jumped to her side. But she’s not a victim at all. Now you have a situation where Netflix has basically bought a member of the Royal Family and that’s very unattractive,” he went on to blast the pair.