Prince Harry under fire for Lecturing Public

Prince Harry recently came under fire for trying to lecture the public regarding things that ‘he knows very little about’.

This claim has been made by the assistant editor of the Mail on Sunday, Kate Hansey during his interview with talkRADIO host Julia Hartley-Brewer.

There she claimed, “Here again it’s something we’re doing wrong, it’s Harry lecturing us yet again when it should be a pat on the back to these fantastic scientists who created this vaccine.”

“And yet, he knows best, he’s lecturing us on what we need to do and I can’t really see what practical steps he’s doing to ensure that there might be money going into various projects. It’s bizarre that he should use this opportunity to make a stand.”

“I just find it so frustrating, if he wants to go on and use his notoriety and fame and his influence to say ‘hey, get vaccinated, this is a life-saving vaccine, you should take this vaccine and queue up’, particularly in America where you’ve got quite a low take up in some places, that’s great. But why does everything he says have to have a negative?”

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