Prince Harry to consider Archie as ‘Human Shield’

Prince Harry to consider Archie as ‘Human Shield’

Experts fear that Prince Harry may send Archie to the UK as a human shield to ‘defuse tensions’ among royal family members.

The suggestion was made by royal commentator Charlotte Griffiths, who proposed it during an interview with fellow pundit Richard Eden on Mail+.Prince Harry may use baby Archie as “a human shield” to fight off tensions.

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While her fellow interviewee did not agree, Mr. Eden did claim, “A human shield…not really, not really. But it’s true a baby does defuse tensions.”

Ms. Griffiths on the other hand is sticking to her guns and believes, “Archie is quite big now, he’s not a baby but how could you scowl at Harry from across the pond in Kensington if he’s got this cute baby son with him? It will help, it will help.”

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