Prince Harry snubbed Meghan Markle’s advice for Princess Diana

Prince Harry snubbed Meghan Markle's advice for Princess Diana

Prince Harry ignored an advice given to him by Meghan Markle during his attendance at Princess Diana’s statue unveiling.

The Duke of Sussex ditched his grey suit, which he has opted for during most of his royal appearances since wedding with Meghan, donning a navy one instead.

Royal commentator Richard Eden, “One thing that no one’s really picked up on is the level of co-ordination between the brothers.

“You might have noticed they were both wearing navy suits and Harry has been stuck to his grey suit ever since he met Meghan,” he told Palace Confidential on Mail+.

“I think she suggested, ‘you look good in grey’ and he’s always worn it but on this occasion he wore navy. That was Diana’s favourite suit for a man, it was navy.

“If you look at Prince Charles at her funeral, he didn’t wear black, he wore a navy suit and that’s because Diana liked him best in navy.

“There was definitely significance in that I think,” the expert added.

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