Prince Harry not Happy over his Move to Disgrace Royal Family

Prince Harry not Happy over his Move to Disgrace Royal Family

According to a royal biographer, Prince Harry is’regretful and ashamed’ for attacking his own people in an Oprah tell-all, while his wife Meghan Markle is ‘in her element.’

The Duke of Susse**x, who recently visited the UK to attend his grandfather Prince Philip’s funeral, is said to be upset over his decision to embarrass the Royal Family in his bombshell interview with US TV host Oprah Winfrey.

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The protagonist of “Prince Harry: The Inside Story,” Duncan Larcombe, predicts that the pair is now in for a “difficult journey.”
Duncan told the UK’s Closer magazine that Harry just slammed his family because “he’s a hot-headed man.”

The royal editor claimed:

“Harry was clearly hurt and angry about Meghan’s experience with the royals — and used the interview to get it out.”

“But after returning home, I’ve no doubt he’s been feeling embarrassed, regretful and awkward,”

He believed.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been in the headlines after they made critical charges against the monarchy, igniting a never-ending controversy among royal enthusiasts.

Last month, the Duke and Duchess of Susse**x lobbed a royal bomb back at their home country and family while sitting with a US TV host. During the interview, the pair made the most controversial accusation of bigotry within the Royal family.

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