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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle have ‘zero brand potential’ without royal links

Experts believe that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry hold no public appeal of their own, and fear that without their royal links egging them on, have no possible career path in Hollywood.

Reputation and brand management expert Eric Schiffer touched upon the royal’s potential career prospects without royal links and admitted the couple pose “zero interest” in the eyes of the masses without such noteworthy names backing them up, however indirectly.

He told Express UK, “If neither of them had royalty ties there would be zero interest. And they get a premium because they have now created a tie with Hollywood. As a couple, I think we could see a low-to-medium level six figures for speaking engagements”

While Schiffer’s claims hold merit on their own, comments made by Reputation Management Consultant’s chairman highlight a key aspect to this speculation.

He was also quoted telling the leading daily, “Their value is collective. The power is in the couple, it’s not in the individuals. In either of the individuals [as paid speakers] the value is decimated.”

“But Harry would always have more value because of where he comes from. Meghan’s value is amplified significantly because of the royal heritage.”

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