Prince Harry has Shaken Up trust of Royals

Prince Harry has Shaken Up trust of Royals

Prince Harry’s reunion with his family in the United Kingdom appears to be a long way off, with royals wary.

According to sources, the royal family is concerned that everything they discuss with Harry will be leaked to the public.

According to royal family expert Jonathan Sacerdoti, Harry has undermined the royals’ trust. “When you know there is something bigger at play you have to be very careful about how you rebuild the relationship,” he said.

“I think a good example of that is when after the Oprah Winfrey interview, Meghan and Harry actually leaked to the US media. They leaked that they had had a phone conversation with Prince Charles and William.

“Meghan and Harry said something along the lines of ‘not much progress had been made.’ With a commentary like that given, even indirectly, to close journalistic friends which is then given out to the media, presumably with their approval if not with their design behind it, I think that makes life quite difficult,” Sacerdoti added.

He concluded: “How can Prince William or Prince Charles know what kind of hands they can stretch out to Harry to make peace if they don’t know how it is going to be reported or spoken about by Meghan and Harry to journalists in future. I think that makes it doubly difficult for Prince Charles.”

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