Prince Harry ‘Feels Like Outsider’ since Royal Family Exit

Prince Harry 'Feels Like Outsider' since Royal Family Exit

Following his royal departure and the controversial Oprah Winfrey interview, Prince Harry’s bond with his family has been compromised to the point that he is said to feel “like a stranger.”

On a US Weekly podcast, hosts Christina Garibaldi and Molly Mulshinel discussed the Duke of Sussex’s fraught friendship with his family.

They stated that the Duke of Sussex must be going through a “difficult” time because he lost his mother and, in some ways, his father, Prince Charles.

“Harry’s been through a lot, they lost their mum.

“I’m sure he kind of feels in a way he’s almost lost his dad too.

“It’s got to be really difficult for him to come to grips with this.

“He may feel like an outsider in his family, although that’s speculation.”

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