Prince Harry defended for his return to US

Prince Harry defended for his return to US

The media in the United Kingdom has chastised Prince Harry for returning to the United States after Prince Philip’s funeral.

Any British media outlets have dubbed his return to his family a snub since it occurred a day before Queen Elizabeth’s birthday.

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An article in Mail Online read,

‘Prince Harry returns home from London to Montecito one day before the Queen’s birthday and with family row unresolved – after meeting only once with his father and William following Philip’s funeral.’

Guy Pewsey of Grazia wrote in response to the British media claims that Harry had not ignored his beloved grandmother on her birthday.

“Harry has not received an invitation to a cocktail party attended by his father, brother and grandmother and sent it back with a big red cross in the RSVP box. He has simply chosen to prioritise his wife, son and unborn daughter at a busy, stressful time,”

The writer was defending the Duke of Susse**x, who lives in the United States with his wife Meghan Markle and their son Archie.

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