Prince Charles, Kate Middleton Relationship Unveiled

Prince Charles, Kate Middleton Relationship Unveiled

Prince Charles and Kate Middleton’s relationship began at her wedding reception in 2011, where he said in a statement, “We are fortunate to have her.”
Judi James, a body language specialist, broke down the relationship between the Duchess of Cambridge and the Prince of Wales over the years.She said that their gestures indicate a structured relationship because Kate is a “catalyst” in Charles’ life.

“Kate’s role in Prince Charles’s life appears to be that of a catalyst rather than a friend or kindred spirit,” she said.

“There are rarely if ever any signals of the kind of easy-going, spontaneous warmth he shares with his niece Zara. There’s nothing to suggest a meeting of minds between Charles and Kate.

“When they are seen walking together Charles’s body language suggests he might be at a bit of a loss in terms of easy-going conversation.

“His hand is shoved into his pocket to suggest some feelings of awkwardness and he looks away from Kate with a dipped head and the spatial gap between them will often look quite pronounced.”

She went on to say that Kate’s polite attitude is “exactly what he needs,” as she is cautious about everything she does.

“Kate’s body language always looks respectful and careful with her father-in-law.

“Although her air of polite caution might not resonate with Charles it is clear she is exactly what he needed.

“She is the kind of calming and non-disruptive daughter-in-law that will help hold the fractured royal firm together by never putting a foot wrong.”

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