PM Imran Khan’s Complete Interview to CNN

PM Imran Khan's Complete Interview to CNN

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” PM Imran Khan’s Complete Interview to CNN “

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Prime Minister Imran Khan Wednesday September 15, 2021 CNN

Prime Minister Imran Khan said the best way forward for peace and stability in Afghanistan is to engage with the Taliban and “incentivize” them on issues such as women’s rights and inclusive government.

Imran Khan on Wednesday September 15, 2021 spoke about enduring what he perceived as a “terrible” relationship with the United States that has been disastrous for Pakistan and how he is now seeking a more pragmatic approach in dealing with Afghanistan’s new leaders.

It was the Prime Minister’s first interview with an international news organization since the Taliban took control of neighboring Afghanistan last month, following the complete US withdrawal of troops.

Prime Minister Imran Khan claimed that the Taliban are looking for international aid to avoid a crisis, which could be used to push the group in “the right direction towards legitimacy.” However he warned that Afghanistan could not be controlled by outside forces.

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