PM Imran Khan Answers The Questions of Journalists

PM Imran Khan Answers The Questions of Journalists

This latest short video clips / Vlog on ” Capital TV “ full hd episode.Today’s video clips / Vlog Topic: ” PM Imran Khan Answers The Questions of Journalists “ this is different form yesterday topic.

Foreign funding case to be shown on TV, Imran Khan talks to journalists in Waziristan in a pleasant atmosphere

PM Imran Khan talks to journalists in a pleasant atmosphere in Waziristan, people are brought to the PDM meeting by paying Rs 500, Maulana Fazlur Rehman did the most damage to Islam, Maulana Fazlur Rehman is accustomed to power, without it Can’t live

The opposition is happy that it will blackmail the NRA. I am in favor of making the hearing on the foreign funding case public. The public should know where and how the funding of political parties comes from.

We have a record of 40,000 overseas Pakistanis funding PTI. The biggest problems we have faced since coming to power in the history of Pakistan. .

When he came to power, government spending was much higher than revenue. In a rich country like the United States, many citizens lined up to eat because of the Corona epidemic. A clear majority in parliament is necessary for fundamental reforms in the parliamentary system.

Despite the Corona epidemic, the country’s exports increased, the current account surplus, the textile sector grew significantly, I am in favor of showing the hearing of the foreign funding case live on TV, for the first time in the country’s history, political fundraising only PT I did.

The tribal areas are unfortunately left behind in the race for development, with poverty and unemployment high in the tribal areas.

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