PM Imran has rejected OGRA’s plan to raise Petrol prices.

PM Imran has rejected OGRA's plan to raise Petrol prices.

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has rejected the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority’s (Ogra) request to raise petroleum product prices, according to PM’s Special Assistant Shahbaz Gill on Monday.

Shahbaz Gill, Special Assistant on Political Communication, posted on Twitter:

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“The prime minister did not approve the summary of increasing petrol price by Rs11 and diesel by Rs14.”

“The premier said oil prices were rising due to increasing inflation all over the world but the government would do its utmost best to save the people of Pakistan from inflation. Therefore, the prime minister has deferred this summary,”

he added.

According to reports, the price of petroleum products is projected to rise by Rs10 in the next month due to rising prices in the international market. According to sources, the price of petrol would rise by Rs11 per litre, while diesel will rise by Rs10 per litre.

The government announced a Rs3.01 rise in the price of fuel on January 15 due to rising worldwide petroleum costs.

According to a statement issued by the Finance Division, in addition to fuel, a rise on other petroleum products was imposed beginning January 16.

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