PM believes early elections are a better option since ‘My life is under threat’

PM believes early elections are a better option since ‘My life is under threat’

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has declared that if he survives the no-confidence vote against him, new elections would be scheduled, but he has firmly stated that he will not quit.

Since August of last year, the prime minister has known that a “foreign conspiracy” was being hatched in London to destabilise his government. “The game began in August. During an interview with a private TV channel, the prime minister remarked, “I received reports about persons routinely travelling London from here, as well as reports from agencies.”

Nawaz Sharif, he claimed, was planning against his administration. “He [Nawaz] was constantly meeting with anti-military elements, the most recent meeting being with Hussain Haqqani on March 3,” he stated.

He claimed that both the PML-N and the PPP had brought Pakistan to such disrepute that international forces are openly advocating for regime change.

Life is in danger.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has stated that he has genuine information that his life is in jeopardy, but that he would continue to struggle for an independent and democratic Pakistan.

He claims that the opposition, which would be vilified for being a part of the plan, will also try to assassinate his character. “My life is in danger, but they [the opposition] have also intended to assassinate my character.” “Not only will I be a target, but so will my wife,” claimed the prime minister.

PM Imran Khan claimed that his life was in danger because he did not fit in with the conspirators and that “people like Shehbaz Sharif are slaves to money.”

“All those who have conspired against me know that I will not sit silently,” he continued, adding, “What do they think?” They’re going to spend Rs20 billion, Rs25 billion to destabilise my government, and I’m going to sit here and watch?”

There are three possibilities.

If the establishment offered him three options: resignation, vote of no-confidence, or early elections, PM Imran Khan would say whether the opposition, government, or “another party” had recommended early polls and his resignation.

“We stated elections are the best choice,” he said. “I cannot even consider retiring, and as for the no-confidence vote, I believe in fighting to the end,” he said, adding that forming a government will be difficult for the opposition.

“If we win this [no-confidence] vote, it is a very excellent notion to go for early elections,” he said when asked if he was willing to have early elections.

In response to a query on what the government would do if the opposition’s no-trust motion failed, he said the government would devise a strategy in the coming days.

He, on the other hand, refused to meet with PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif. He insisted that whether he wins or loses, he will allow the no-confidence vote to proceed because he wants the population to see the faces of those who colluded against their own country.

“Of course, if we survive (the no-confidence vote), we won’t be able to work, and early elections are the best choice,” the PM stated. “I will ask my nation to give me a simple majority so that I won’t have to make compromises.”

He claimed that a foreign country had expressed dissatisfaction of him personally and urged that he be removed from office via a no-confidence vote so that Pakistan might be “forgiven,” as well as objecting to Pakistan’s autonomous foreign policy.

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