Is this plane full backup then not used? Inquiry Report ?? Facts ?? Secret plan?

اس جہاز میں تو مکمل بیک اپ ہوتا ہے استعمال نہیں کیا گیا؟ انکوائری رپورٹ؟؟حقائق ؟؟ خفیہ پلان؟
#abidandleeb #imrankhan
why plan of Imran Khan was landed back?
PM Pakistan Imran Khan has emerged as international leader
he has concludid in well manard way
the way he spoke west would not like him more
as we have a history in past
they did with zulifqar Ali bhatuu
what they did with qadafi?
usually these are called royal plane fully optioned and backed up
but we need a complete inquiry report that why those option were not used?
AM Shahid Lateef bashes they relanding of Imran Khan plan

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