Pervaiz Rashid’s Leaked full video Call with Girl went viral on Twitter, Reddit

Uncut A video of Pervaiz Rashid's leaked call with a girl went viral.

The very dirty and shameful video of the former center of the N-League Parvez Rasheed has been leaked

By the way, Parvez Rasheed is an anti-Islam type of person. Madrassas used to be called universities of ignorance or maybe still

Pervaiz Rasheed is the same man who was among those who drowned Nawaz Sharif, he is the same man who used to give statements to Nawaz Sharif in favor of Qadianis and other enemies of Islam, I think.

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Parvez Rasheed is an atheist type of person and Maryam is his disciple. And now he has also proved to be a characterless person. Maryam better stays away from him or make him an atheist too.

His nobleness and republican services have to be trampled in some way, don’t you understand that Parvez Rashid also became dear to Allah after Mashahadullah?

The arrows kept in the quiver of Imran Fitnah started coming out one by one. Now the videos will come on top of the video. Maryam also heard the video, she will also come. This means the establishment has gone to Khan.

You may have had a dream while sleeping. Now such videos have no status except for the enjoyment of the people of Tharki.

Are there any good people among our political leaders or not?

Now you should calculate that Pakistan is the fortress of Islam. If Pakistan was not a bastion of Islam, it would have been somewhere ahead

Do what you want at our behest. go to hell

The video is not fake, the video is so clear that people are shocked and it is very shameful and objectionable. Parvez may not be able to continue politics after this.
Very stupid and childish antics at the age of seventy

At least you should have remained silent, now you know where your tweets will reach and who will find them.

The video is already viral and is careful, those who are the leaders, why make such a video?

If so, a colored man. Heard many stories. But politics does not end. Is Zubair Umar’s politics over?

They are being exposed one by one.
Not a fish.
The whole pond is dirty.
Those who speak against madrasas and mosques.
His own honor.

Parvez Rasheed is a miser who hates religion. His supporters are all desi liberals, his leaked video will not matter to him or his supporters as they are defamation proof. For them, it is not a matter of shame, it is a daily routine.

Bhai Sahib, “Aapki koi fight to Nahi Parvez Rashid Sahib”
Don’t do that. Now that you have searched for the previous video, the PTI dogs will start searching for this video.

Parvez Rashid has heard that it doesn’t matter, he is very famous since his college days.

There is a naked woman sitting on Skype with his penis on the other side.

If there is something wrong, instead of justifying it, ask Allah for forgiveness and sit at home. N should also be careful.

Parvez Rashid Leaked Call Video Went Viral On Social Media

Pervaiz Rasheed Leak Video Goes Viral on Social media

Pervaiz Rashid’s video went viral on social media


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