Pakistan’s Desire For Peace Should Not Be Misunderstood, Air Chief

Pakistan’s Desire For Peace Should Not Be Misunderstood, Air Chief

Air Head Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan on Saturday warned that Pakistan’s desire for peace should not be misunderstood and there will be one that will be responded to immediately.

The marshal of the Air Chief addressed a ceremony at the air headquarters in Islamabad that remained as a result of the second anniversary of ‘operation Swift Retort’. The event began with a splening of the air force combat aircraft.

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He said that February 27 was a major day not only for the Pakistan Air Force, but also for all Pakistan. He said that on that day “PAF once again confirmed the glorious legacy of him and dissuaded the aggressor than seriously evil calculated and challenged our sovereignty.”

The Air Chief also said that Pakistan had responded to the violation of the control line (LOC) by the Indian forces in a way that “made our proud nation,” and added that the country’s air force “proved to be equal to the Vision of the Quaid being sure none and established our supremacy in the air. ”

“I appreciate all personnel of Pakistan Air Force for their professionalism, valor [and] commitment displayed in Operation Swift Retort.”

In addition, he said that Pakistan is a responsible country and lover of peace and his efforts for international peace, especially in Afghanistan, the Middle East, and at the UN Missions of Peacekeeping were being recognized by the international community.

He added that a manifestation of peace was seen by the world through the return of the Indian pilot captured Abehinandan Vardhaman by Pakistan.

“However, let me make it very clear that our desire for peace should not be misunderstood. In case of any misadventure, our response would be swift, resolute, and unwavering.”

Apart from that, he praised the Air Force for “remaining proactive to maintain peace and dissuade aggression despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic”. The Force undertook to increase its potential for the defense of the country, he added.

Above all, the air head showed support for the people of Kashmir, saying: “It’s time to end the atrocities and a longer blockade of more than 1.5 years.”

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