Pakistani popular Celebrity Sisters who are not in Showbiz

If you need to list the names of 10 talented actresses that have joined the Pakistani entertainment industry and got up to renown, you would be able to think of a few, right? However, can you tell us some names from the sisters of these celebrities? No luck there? Do not worry.

The majority of Pakistanis actually have no idea of ​​the brothers and sisters of their favorite female celebrities. However, we tend to change that. We bring you a pictorial list of several Pakistanic actresses estimated with their non-famous sisters.

The list includes many famous names, including:

Anumta Qureshi with Sister Misbah Makhadoom Qureshi;
Bushra Ansari, with Sisters Asma Abbas and Sumbal Shahzadi;
Sana Jave of Sister Hina;
Sana Bucha with sister Nimra;
Arisha Razi with sister Sara Razi;
And much more.
Here are some pictures of famous Pakistan celebrities with their sisters:

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