Pakistan Releases New Video Of IAF Wing Abhinandan Varthaman | Balakot

Pakistan Releases New Video Of IAF Wing Abhinandan Varthaman | Balakot

The commander of the pilot wing of the Air Force of India, Abehinandan Varthaman, believed that “no reason” there is no “no reason” for Pakistan and India to continue with hostilities and asked for peace between the two neighbors.

“I do not see any reason for us to continue with any kind of hostilities,” you can listen to Abehinandan that has been heard in a new video published by the Pakistan Army on the second anniversary of Swift Retort operation.

The video seems to be part of the same interview that was issued two years ago shortly after the capture of abhinandan.

The Air Force of Pakistan (PAF) had knocked down two Indian aircraft within the Pakistani airspace in 2019 and arrested the Indian driver.

The Pilot of the IAF can be heard by saying in the video that war is between countries when “there is no peace”. He adds that he wants to live in a peaceful environment.

“I do not know what we should do to achieve peace, but I only know that there should be peace,” says the wing commander.

During the video, the wing commander also spoke about Kashmir and said that neither he nor the Pakistani know “what is happening to a Kashmiri.”

“We must think about the calm heads,” says the pilot.

“I saw both countries when I was going down in a parachute, and I could not differentiate myself between the two countries from above,” the Indian pilot observes.

He tells the interviewer of him that both countries are “beautiful”.

“When I fell, I did not know if I was in Pakistan or in my own country, India. For me, both countries looked at each other, the people also looked the same,” says the pilot.

The pilot said he was seriously injured when he expelled from his plane and once he landed, he could not move. He added that after the landing, he tried to discover in which country he was.

“When he looked at me that he was not in my country, I tried to run,” says the Indian driver, adding that a crowd “accused” tried to capture him as well, but he was saved by Pakistan’s army.

“At that time, two soldiers of Pakistan’s army came and took me out and saved me from there, a captain of Pakistan’s army came and saved me from these people.”

The Indian driver says that after his capture, he was taken by Captain Pakistani to his unity, where he was given first aid.

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“After that, they took me to the hospital where they examined me and gave it more help,” recalls the pilot.

Following the events, the commander of the Ala commented that he found that Pakistan’s army was a “very good”, “professional” strength and “gentleman”.

“I am very impressed by the cavalry shown by the Pakistani army.”

Pakistan shoots two Indian aircraft
Two years ago, on February 27, then Pakistani’s main military spokesman, General Asif Ghafoor had confirmed that two IAF combat jets had been shot down after they crossed the LOC and entered the Pakistani airspace.

“One of the aircraft fell inside AJK, while others fell into IOK,” he said.

Pakistan’s quick response came a day after IAF Jets was introduced in the Pakistani territory and dropped his payload on a slope in Balakot, fleeing while the PAF jets ruffled.

Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor had said: “Two Indian jets entered the Pakistani airspace and the PAF faced them. The two aircraft were shot down, one fell into our space and the other on his side.”

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Pakistan has released a new video of IAF pilot Abhinandan Varthaman.

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