Pakistan Halts India-Bound ‘Thar Express’ Over Kashmir Issue

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Pakistan Halts India-Bound ‘Thar Express’ Over Kashmir Issue
Pakistan Halts India-Bound ‘Thar Express’ Over Kashmir Issue
Pakistan Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad said on Friday (August 9) that Pakistan has decided to halt the last train service running to India, after New Delhi revoked special status for its portion of the Kashmir region claimed by both countries.

“We have decided to shut down the Thar Express as well,” Pakistan’s railways minister Sheikh Rasheed told reporters, in reference to the weekly service running between the towns of Khokrapar in Pakistan and Monabao in India. “As long as I am railways minister, no train will operate between Pakistan and India.”

“There is going to be an 1800 kilometer extensive track with speed of train 160 km/h,” he said adding that ML-1 project will cover 70 percent area of Pakistan. He also mentioned Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s visit to China stating that China is a seasonal friend of Pakistan. “Pakistan doesn’t want a war but our option to opt for peace should not be taken as a weakness as we are standing with people of Kashmir,” he said adding that those who do not show solidarity with Kashmir are traitors.

Pakistan Suspends ‘Samjhota Express’ Over Kashmir Tensions
A day earlier, Pakistani authorities have suspended the Samjhauta Express train service between Pakistan and India amidst tense bilateral ties in the aftermath of the Indian government’s move to abolish article 370, Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad said.

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