Pakistan exports rice worth US$ 2.073 billions in 2017

Pakistan exports rice worth US$ 2.073 billions in 2017

About 4.106 million tons of rice price US$ 2.073 billion had been exported throughout 12 months of final monetary yr as in contrast the exports of three.523 million tons valuing US$ 1.606 billion of the corresponding interval of final years.

The exports of the above-mentioned commodity had registered 26.78 % development through the interval below assessment, in response to the information of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.

In the course of the interval from July-June, 2017-18, about 520,759 metric tons of basmati rice price US$ 540.231 million had been exported as towards 496,263 metric tons valuing US$ 453.441 million of the identical interval of final yr.

The exports of basmati rice witnessed 19.14 p.c progress when the amount was in contrast with the identical interval of ultimate yr, the information revealed.

Within the meantime, the nation earned US$ 1.496 billion by exporting rice apart from basmati as about 3.585 million tons of various rice exported as towards the exports of three.053 million tons worth US$ 1.153 billion of the identical interval closing yr.

It might be recalled that meals group exports from the nation recorded about 29.28 % development as nation earned US$ 4.797 billion exporting fully completely different meals commodities, which have been recorded at US$ 3.711 billion within the similar interval of ultimate 12 months.

The alternative commodities which recorded constructive development of their exports through the interval below assessment included fish and fish merchandise by 14.57 %, fruits, and greens by 5.eight % and 30.56 % respectively.

In the course of the interval below assessment fish and fish merchandise price US$ 451.026 million, fruit and greens US$ 400.237 million and 241.426 million respectively have been exported.

Then once more, the nation spent US$ 6.185 billion on the import of meals all through closing monetary 12 months, which was recorded at US$ 6.143 billion throughout the identical interval of final yr, displaying an increase of 0.68 p.c, the information added.

Throughout closing yr the nation consumed about 183,321 metric tons of tea costing US$ 551.881 million as in contrast the 194.833 metric tons and US$ 523.790 million of the identical interval of final yr.


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