Orlando Bloom blasted for ‘very cruel’ Prince George satire in ‘The Prince’

Award winning actor Orlando Bloom recently came under fire for agreeing to become part of a satirical show that intends to showcase a “Very cruel” depiction of Prince George.

This claim has been brought forward by royal commentator Richard Eden and during his interview with MailPlus he was quoted saying, “In the James Corden programme, Harry talks about how he’d exchanged text messages with Orlando Bloom about privacy and how photographers were trying to take pictures of their children.”

“It does seem grossly hypocritical then, Orlando Bloom is in this programm and then to be mocking an eight-year-old child.”

Even a Daily Mail columnist chimed in and claimed, “I really do think it’s very cruel.”

“I just think if you’d stopped to think what you’re actually doing, you’re basically libeling and shredding a small child’s character.”