Original PTI MNA Kanwal Shauzab Complete Leaked Viral Video

Complete leaked viral video of PTI MNA Kanwal Shauzab

Kanwal Shauzab, the president of the PTI Women’s Wing, is allegedly being blackmailed. The PTI leader, on the other hand, asserted that she is not afraid and that she will fight back.

Kanwal Shauzab allegedly shared screenshots of a string of WhatsApp messages she allegedly received from an unknown number demanding payment for “holding” a video, stating that if not, the “other party is ready to pay whatever” is demanded.

The messages also forewarned that the “other party” might employ a third party to disseminate fabricated and false videos of the PTI leader in order to discredit them for political purposes. The video won’t go viral, though, if Kanwal Shauzab pays $50,000 upfront, and even if it did, it would be revealed to be a fake or fabrication.

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One of the messages read, “It is extremely regrettable that politicians hired social media platforms against each other with leaked videos of every other [political leader].”

Behind the propaganda is the PML-media N’s cell.

While sharing the messages on Twitter, Kanwal Shauzab made a subtle reference to the current administration even though it is unclear who sent the messages or who the “other party” is in the scenario.

“The threat is local, but the sim is from Dubai. Threats like these are being made because the fascist regime, which used deepfake to produce fake videos of Shahbaz Gill, is worried about market competition. Honor and disgrace are in Allah’s hands. Such filth is not frightening to me; this is war. Kanwal Shauzab declared, “I will fight fiercely because I am a responsible mujahid.

It is pertinent to note that PML-N, a political rival of PTI, has frequently been charged with disseminating propaganda against PTI. For instance, a report claimed that PML-N had activated its strategic media cell to disparage PTI and its chairman Imran Khan in addition to creating a story to show that PTI is anti-armed forces.

After Pakistan Army officers were killed in the Lasbela military helicopter crash, the PML-media N’s cell allegedly launched an organized campaign against Imran Khan and PTI on social media by creating accounts that appeared to belong to PTI. Additionally, Dr. Arif Alvi, the president of Pakistan, has been the target of malicious propaganda.

Full-length viral video of PTI MNA Kanwal Shauzab

Reddit Trends For Leaked Videos Of Kanwal Shauzab

Reddit Trends For Leaked Videos Of Kanwal Shauzab

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