Opposition Leader Yousaf Raza Gilani secures Victory against Hafeez Sheikh

Opposition Leader Yousaf Raza Gilani secures Victory against Hafeez Sheikh

After a great electoral battle, the former leader of the Prime Minister and the Opposition, YOUSAF Raza Gilani gets the victory against Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh from the party to power.

Yousaf Raza Gilani won 169 votes while Abdul Hafeez Sheikh could only win 164 votes.

After the announcement, the candidates rocked his hand and kissed and several other politicians extend congratulations to the winner.

The results for the Senate elections started to pay votes continue.

The vote opens
The voting process started at 9am at the House of Parliament. Shafiq Araine Pakistan Tehreek-e-INSAF (PTI) was the first legislator who votes in the Senate elections followed by PTI Vawda.

Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) announced that the surveys will be held as planned in the Constitution and the law in accordance with past practice. According to the official announcement, the Election Commission of Pakistan takes all possible measures and measures to carry out its constitutional duty to verify that corruption practices in the Senate surveys are monitored.

The Senate voting process can be complex and only concerns our elected representatives.

Pakistan Tehureek-e-INSAF (PTI) will probably become the largest group in the upper room with 28 seats after the Senate Election 2021, while the number of members of the government and the opposition in the 100-member house should to be almost equal. .

The PPP will probably become the second largest part with 19 seats, third PML-N with 18 seats and party Balchistan Awami fourth with 12 seats.

According to the electoral commission officials, the elections will take place for 48 seats of the Senate this time. There will be no election for Fata seats, which will reduce the number of seats in the Senate from 104 to 10.

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