Once more, Hareem Shah’s obscene bathroom video goes viral

The vulgar bathroom video of Hareem Shah goes viral

She attributed this unethical behavior to her friends.

TikTok star Hareem Shah is back in the news once again. The young social media influencer has a talent for showing up in unexpected places. She is receiving criticism this time around for her popular obscene videos.

An unknown user allegedly posted and leaked videos of Hareem Shah engaging in lewd behavior in a bath*room beneath the shower.

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She recently posted a video on this subject.

Speaking of her persona*l data breach, Hareem accused her former roommates Sundal Khattak and Ayesha Naz of stealing the videos from her phone while they were cohabiting. She continued by saying that she would file lawsuits against them both.

Despite being divisive, Hareem Shah is a well-known social media personality. With the help of her channel on the well-known video-sharing website TikTok, the young internet sensation became well-known. Hareem has some influence in Pakistani politics as a result of her social media success. She occasionally appears next to a well-known politician or public figure (mostly MQM members).

Hareem Shah’s Obscene Private Video in the Bathroom Goes Viral

Hareem Shah knows how to make headlines, whether he’s “chilling out” in the Prime Minister’s office or posing for photos with politicians like MQM founder Altaf Hussain. TikToker frequently posts intriguing life events on social media.

Hareem Shah’s Obscene Private Video in the Bathroom Goes Viral

Since she first became well-known, Hareem Shah has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. She has primarily been associated with scand*als and video viral. She was even imprisoned in Turkey due to her involvement in a case of cash and gold smuggling.

Hareem Shah’s Obscene Private Video in the Bathroom Goes Viral

She was recently charged with money laundering after she posted a video showing stacks of British pounds in front of her and claimed that she had brought them from Pakistan without the permission of airport authorities. After being subpoenaed by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), she allegedly confessed to pulling the prank for laughs during an FIA interview.

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