On the internet, indecent acts by “Hareem Shah” were seen on video.

FIA questions Hareem Shah for three hours.

Hareem Shah, a Pakistani TikToker, is once again making headlines for all the wrong reasons after suffering a data breach.

Sadly, there are online videos that purport to show Shah taking a shower and having lewd interactions with an unidentified man who recorded it. If the Tiktok star is actually the person in the videos has not been confirmed.

Social media users were left speculating about the person who shared these clips after the most recent viral. Many people were blatantly “excited” about the viral….

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New Bo*ld Video by Hareem Shah Goes Viral

The 31-year-old, Tiktoker Hareem Shah has a captivating Instagram feed and active social media presence that draw in new followers. Thanks to her sense of style, wit, and interesting content, she has amassed over a million followers on Instagram and is recognized as a top influencer in the digital sphere.

When Tiktoker Hareem Shah announced her engagement to Bilal Shah in 2021, it garnered media attention. However, she made the decision to keep her husband’s identity a secret, unlike other famous people, which left her fans wondering who her husband was. Despite the lack of details, her supporters showered her with congratulations and well wishes for her new life’s journey.

Today's Nude Hareem Shah Leaked Video 2023

Today's Nude Hareem Shah Leaked Video 2023

Hareem Shah is questioned by the FIA about money laundering for three hours.

The Tiktoker told Geo News that she had only created the video for fun and that she was not engaged in any illegal activity.

She added, “I have recorded the same statement to the FIA team,” that the PTI leader Shahzad Akbar had ordered the case to be brought against her.

Hareem Shah’s protective bail for seven days had been approved by the Sindh High Court (SHC) the day before he was taken into custody by federal agents in connection with a money laundering investigation.


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