On social media, a fake letter threatening PM Imran Khan has gone viral.

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On social media, a fake letter threatening PM Imran Khan has gone viral.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s claims that he received a “threat letter” threatening to destabilise his government through a foreign conspiracy have sparked outrage in Pakistan. In this regard, a letter that has been dismissed as fake is making the rounds on social media.

The forged letter, dated February 28th, bears the US White House seal and is signed by US Vice President Joe Biden. PM Khan’s visit to Russia, his push to declare March 15th as International Day Against Islamophobia, and his alleged “liaison” with Turkish President Erdogan to establish Khilafat are all mentioned in the fake letter.

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The forged letter then issues a warning to Prime Minister Khan, stating that if he does not refrain from his actions, an unfavourable chain of events will occur, culminating in the removal of his “selected government.” The letter has been labelled a forgery in media reports and on social media.

The date on the letter is February 28th. The real letter, on the other hand, was dated March 7, according to PTI. Furthermore, the fake letter’s syntax, semantics, and dictation, which includes the word “selected government,” have led some netizens to believe that the Opposition is disseminating the fake letter to undermine the real one that PM Khan received.

Prime Minister Imran Khan claimed that a foreign-funded plot is attempting to destabilise his government while speaking to the public at a PTI rally on March 27th. He also displayed a letter, without revealing its contents, as proof of the existence of a plot to destabilise his government.

The prime minister’s refusal to make the letter public raised serious doubts in the public’s mind about its credibility. The narrative of a foreign conspiracy plot against the PTI government was dismissed by the opposition. PM Khan, according to JUI-F leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman, showed a fake letter.

The letter, according to the PTI, is genuine. Asad Umar, the Minister for Planning, stated that the Prime Minister is willing to share the “threat letter” with Pakistan’s Chief Justice. Due to the letter’s “sensitivity,” only a few people in the civil-military leadership have seen it, according to Umar.

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