Okomfo Kolege’s pregnant wife passes away while giving birth to their child.

Pregnant wife of actor Okomfo Kolege passes away while giving birth to the baby

A major tragedy has affected a Kumawood actor. Yes, your guess was correct. We’re talking about Collins Oteng, who recently lost both his unborn child and pregnant wife Okomfo Kolegae. It is safe to say that the actor was deeply affected by the news. The agony of losing a wife and a child who hasn’t even been born cannot be compared. The topic has now gained widespread interest from all parties. Let’s find out what happened to the pair and how they passed away in this article.

Death of Okomfo Kolege’s Expectant Wife

According to reports, Kolgae’s wife passed away while giving birth to their child at the hospital while she was pregnant. It is now known that he also lost his child along with his wife. While the woman was attempting to deliver the baby, an accident occurred at the hospital. Although not much information has been made currently available about the same. Following the news’s release, the internet has been inundated with tributes and condolence messages.

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People are sharing their sorrow over the unfortunate event. It has been reported that a blogger going by the handle @nanabaffdotcomm confirmed the news on Instagram. On the social media site, he published two images of Kolegae’s wife that caught the attention of online users.

Everyone seems to be stepping forward to pay the couple who tragically passed away heartfelt tributes. People are having a difficult time accepting the fact that they have passed away and have left all of their loved ones in extreme grief and sorrow.

The issue has generated discussion among online users. Only the news is discussed in every other post. The deceased was seen posing with her husband in the blogger’s Instagram posts. The other image was a maternity shot showing her growing baby. The blogger shared the pictures and expressed his shock at losing his wife in his post. He continued, “My condolences to you Kolege.”

It is true to say that everyone appears to be inconsolable over the tragic deaths of the mother and her unborn child. Right now, the entire world is in mourning over her passing.

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