Now, Salman Khan is Going to Jail After Sushant’s Death

Now, Salman Khan is Going to Jail After Sushant's Death

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After seen this video/clip Please share your comment here about the latest fresh video/clip watching on YouTube daily motion video. Now what’s your comments/opinion about today’s Latest Topic/agenda of this program ” Now, Salman Khan is Going to Jail After Sushant’s Death “.Salman Khan Might End Up In Jail For Money Laundering. Bollywood actor Salman Khan has recently landed himself in to a major controversy, regarding his charitable organization – Being Human. The Bhaijaan of Bollywood, Salman Khan is now accused of money laundering and the actor might end up in jail for doing so. The untimely demise of Sushant Singh Rajput has brought spotlight on many Bollywood biggies and their doings. A shocking secret of Salman Khan has recently come forward that might take Salman, behind the bars again. Let us find out, which shocking secret got exposed that might be a trouble for Salman Khan. Many Bollywood celebrities have recently come forward and talked against the Bollywood industry and revealed some shocking details. And one of the shocking details is about Salman Khan. As per some reports, this Bollywood actor is doing money laundering. Yes, it is right. The Bhaijaan, who has done so much charitable work for the poor people, recently got accused of money laundering. After the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, reports suggested that Salman Khan had sabotaged the career of Sushant. Salman had a fight with Sushant and banned him in Bollywood from his production house as well as from other production houses. And now, filmmaker Abhinav Singh Kashyap has claimed that Salman Khan’s organization and lifestyle brand Being Human is fraud. Salman Khan has always claimed that a huge amount of money from the profit of his movies goes to charity. But if the reports are to be believed, then Salman Khan’s organization is a profitable organization that does profit from charity. Salman Khan’s image in the industry was of somewhat controversial because of his involvement in Hit and Run case, black buck poaching case. According to sources, the idea of the charitable organization was of Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan. The veteran filmmaker wanted to clear the bad image of his son Salman Khan in public through his charities. Salim Khan also thought that this organization would help them to prove Salman not guilty or at least reduce the punishment, through the charities. Salman Khan’s Dabangg director even witnessed during the shooting of the movie that the actor distributed around 5 cycles among poor. But he was shocked when the next day the news came out that Salman Khan distributed 500 cycles among poor. Salman also launched many stars in the industry so that he gets support from the inside of Bollywood whenever he gets in controversies. The highest paid actor is also friends with many prominent personalities in the industry who always backs him up. Even this actor has destroyed careers of many Bollywood stars including Vivek Oberoi, Sushant Singh Rajput and many more. And as per reports, Being Human is there to back all the wrong doings of the actor. His NGO Being Human influenced the judges of the court and his verdicts also got influenced by this. Reports suggest that Salman Khan and his family is sprinkling dust in the eyes of normal people, through Being Human. If reports are to be believed, then Salman is plundering money from the normal people in the name of charity and is avoiding taxes. The government will look into the matter and if anything goes wrong, then it would be a huge trouble for Salman Khan.

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