Noor Mukadam case: Zahir Jaffer filed a court complaint against Islamabad’s IGP.

Zahir Jaffer filed a court complaint against Islamabad's IGP.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Zahir Jaffer, the key suspect in the murder of Noor Mukadam, has petitioned the capital city’s Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mohammad Ahsan Younus to explain that “extremely strong pieces of forensic evidence” are available against the accused.

The accused filed the plea through his solicitor, Sikandar Zulqarnain, claiming that legal action should be taken against the IG for commenting on a pending issue.

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Meanwhile, Shaukat Mukadam’s counsel, Shah Khawar, stated that the motion had had no effect on the prosecution’s position.

The IG ISLAMABAD examined the forensic and medical reports in the Noor Mukadam case last month. In this context, an official statement was also published, claiming that significant forensic evidence is available against Zahir Jaffer.

The evidence was collected “professionally” from the crime site and delivered to the Punjab Forensic Science Agency (PFSA) for processing, according to the report.

The PFSA study has the following findings:

1. DNA evidence proved that Noor Mukadam was raped before she was murdered.

2. Prior to her death, Noor made every effort to preserve her life. Under Noor’s nails, DNA from Zahir’s skin was discovered.

3. The clothing Zahir wore and recovered was smeared with Noor’s blood. Zahir’s clothing has her DNA on it.

4. Noor was murdered with the swiss knife found at the crime scene. The blade and handle of the swiss knife were determined to have DNA, i.e. Noor’s blood.

5. Noor was also assaulted with the knuckle punch found at the murder scene. DNA, or Noor’s blood, was discovered on the knuckle punch.

“These are extremely powerful pieces of forensic evidence, and the investigating team is dedicated to seeking justice for Noor Mukadam,” the Islamabad Police said in a statement.

The statement was published after the investigative officer in the case told the court that Zahir Jaffer’s fingerprints were not discovered on the firearm.

The capital policy also addressed common misconceptions about the IO statement.

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