Naseebo Lal says ‘respect increased’ after PSL 6 anthem

Naseebo Lal says 'respect increased' after PSL 6 anthem

Ever since the PSL 2021 anthem was released, fans from across the country have been showing mixed reactions to it. While many think that the song “Groove Mera” is catchy, others think that choosing Naseebo Lal for the song was a mistake.

Some people have even said that Naseebo Lal, who is a Punjabi singer, was a “misfit” for the anthem because of her accent.

While it is not easy for celebrities to respond to criticism, this does not seem to be the case with Naseebo Lal. The singer recently spoke to Geo News via a phone call and responded to criticism in a unique fashion.

According to an article by, instead of saying anything to those who have been criticising her, Lal started singing the anthem on the show with her peculiar enthusiasm, proving to the world that her “groove” stands out.

Naseebo also thanked the producer of the song, Zulfiqar Khan, better known as Xulfi, for bringing something “different and unique to the table,” the article said.

She also expressed her gratitude to all those who have appreciated her performance, saying that she feels “truly honoured” to be able to sing for the PSL, adding that she is receiving more respect from people after singing the anthem.

“This was a unique opportunity for my singing career and I thank God for it. When I was first approached, I had no idea about it and thought it would be just another song. However, when it turned out that it was an ‘item’ song for the PSL, I was surprised.” she exclaimed.

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