Naagin 6 Promo: Naagin will only save India from a deadly virus

Promo Naagin 6: save India from a deadly virus

Watch the Naagin 6 trailer! Ekta Kapoor produced the eerie fantasy thriller.

Colors TV has released the first ad for Naagin 6, which promises a storey never before presented on Indian television. The narrative takes place in 2020 and is about a devastating illness. It depicts a man from a neighbouring country contaminating the river that flows into India, and Naagin stepping up to save the country.

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In the trailer, the narrator states, “Saal 2020 mein, ek assault puri duniya ko badal dega,” as a strange material is dropped into a river stream, which quickly turns red and affects the entire country. Scientists, monks, and others are seen contemplating the virus’s ramifications as they debate the larger topic, “Kaun Karega Hamari Raksha?” That’s when Naagin enters the picture.

The narrator remarks, “Zeher hi Zeher ko kaat sakta hai,” as Naagin seeks to cure the land with her magical touch.

The narrator continues, “Is baar khud ke liye nahi, desh ki raksha ke liye.” “Badal rahi hai duniya, badal chuki hai naagin.”

Here’s where you can see the Naagin 6 trailer:

The commercial, however, does not reveal the identity of the Naagin, and fans are now eager to learn who will portray the part.

Naagin 6 will air on Colors and Voot in the coming weeks.

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