Mysterious Death: Kashana Scandal Girl Iqra Kainat

Kashana Scandal Girl Iqra Kainat

Iqra died of hunger, according to a postmortem report in the Kashana scandal.

The postmortem report of deceased Daar ul Amaan (Kashana) shelter home orphan Iqra Kainat revealed that she died from hunger and thirst.

According to the details, Iqra Kainat, the chief witness in the Kashahna scandal, died as a result of hunger and thirst, according to the postmortem report.

According to the postmortem report obtained by BOL News, Iqra died in the hospital from hunger and thirst, and samples taken from her stomach have been submitted for forensic analysis to determine if she was poisoned.

Former Kashana superintendent Afshan Latif believed that the Iqra was murdered in order to remove evidence.

To be clear, Dar-ul-Aman’s Lahore’s superintendent said at the end of last year that orphan girls staying in shelter homes were being “misused” to meet the demands of ministers and government officials.

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