MUQABIL | 29 August 2019 | Haroon ur Rasheed | Owais Tohid | Alina Shigri | 92NewsHD

MUQABIL | 29 August 2019 | Haroon ur Rasheed | Owais Tohid | Alina Shigri | 92NewsHD
MUQABIL | 29 August 2019 | Haroon ur Rasheed | Owais Tohid | Alina Shigri | 92NewsHD

Pakistan will ‘go to any extent’ to protect Kashmiris

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Topic:Kashmir Can Leads to War, What Pakistan Achieved in Security Council Meeting?, India’s Insult in Security Council, Bharat Baaz Aajo Warna, Ghazwa e Hind Ka Aghaz, Opposition’s One Year, Indian Media Worried on UK & Russia’s Stance, Kashmir in Security Council, Pakistan’s Policy on Kashmir, Security Council Meeting on Kashmir, Abhinandan Ko Bharat Ka Fauji Azaz, Why Polio Still in Pakistan, Kashmir Mein Curfew, Kashmir, Pak Bharat Jang Ka Khatra, Pakistan’s Strategy Regarding Kashmir, Kashmir Per Alami Taawan Ki Zarorat, Pak India Clash, Where Is Israil, Kashmir Issue, Does PTI Supporter Still Support Imran Khan?, Game of International Secret Agencies, PTI Govt’s Performance of One Year, Army Chief Ki Extension, Army Chief’s Extension, First Year of PTI Govt, Conspiracy Against Polio Campaign, Judge Arshad Malik Video Scandal, Maqboza Kashmir Mein Ghar Ghar Chaape, President Azad Kashmir Masood Khan Exclusive, PTI Govt Performance, Judge Video Scandal Case, Pakistan’s Economy, America Intervenes in Pak India Issue, Riasat Aur Nizam, What Is Next After UNSC In Camera Meeting?, Sharif Khandan Aur Bebas Qanoon, Across The Board Accountability, A Dream?, President Azad Kashmir Masood Khan Exclusive, Masla Kashmir Ke Hal Kia?, Mehngai Mein Mazeed Izafa, Piles of Garbage in Karachi, Trump Again Offers Mediation on Kashmir, Issue of Kashmir, What To Do, Has Pakistan Successfully Conveyed Kashmir Issue to West?, Kashmir Mein Nasal Kushi, Genocide Watch Alert in Kashmir, Indian Aggression, Modi Ki Hat Dharmi Barqarar, NAB Qawaneen Mein Tabdeeli ka Faisla, Pakistan Get Ready For War Against India, Judge Arshad Malik Case Verdict, Clean Karachi Campaign, Kashmir Mein Bharat Ki Jarhiyat Jaari, Judge Video Case Verdict, Kitni Videos Hain, Judge Video Scandal Verdict, Judge Scandal Case Verdict, Politics Towards Anarchy, Why Govt Want to Change NAB Laws, Curfew in Kashmir, Can World Pressurize India on Kashmir Issue, UN Playing No Role on Kashmir, NAB Laws, Kashmir Issue, Special Talk With Aitzaz Ahsan on Current Issues, Curfew And Restrictions in Kashmir, India Violating Human Rights in Kashmir, Discussion on Current Issues, Kashmir, Pak India Tension, Changes in NAB Law, Economy, Chances of Nuclear War?, Kashmir… Chance of Pak India War, Preparations of Big War, Modi Refused US Offer of Mediation, Why Muslim Countries Not Supporting Kashmir, Our Foreign Policy on Defensive?, Bharat Ki Hatt Dharmi Jaari.

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